About Us

Hooks UK is proud to be a family run business. As such we hope that we can provide the products loved so much by our family, to your family.

We value quality above all else. So we are always on the lookout for new quality products that we can share with you all. And being a small family run business means that we get to do so much ourselves; from the buying all the way through to packing it up and shipping it out.

We have an extensive range of products both in-store and online and we always try to choose suppliers based on the ideal of being able to stock either an extensive or complete catalogue range. And if we haven’t got it online or it’s sold out in store, then we will always endeavour to contact our suppliers and get hold of the item that you want most.

We hope that you find the products that you love at Hooks UK and thank you for your custom now and in the future.