Canal Toys So Soap DIY Kit So Soap Single - Assorted

1 Random Design supplied

So Soap DIY Single Kit

Introducing So Soap DIY, the latest addition to So DIY, the original 100% DIY company.

If you love soap that smell amazing and you love cupcakes this is the perfect set for you. Create and customise your very own real soap cupcakes that smell as good as it looks.

This single soap kit comes with everything you need to make an awesome soap cupcake, all you need is some water!

It is super fun and easy to make, just pick your soap base. Create your frosting and get to designing the patterns your want for your cupcake.

When your done add some sprinkles and a surprise little character to the top to enjoy the soap with!


  • 1x Soap Base
  • 1x Frosting Sachet
  • 1x Character
  • 1x Topper
  • 1x Decoration Sachet
  • 1x Frosting Bag
  • 1x Funnel